Sunday, December 7, 2014

Another day another bridge, Battenkill, Shushan, NY.

23  F  sunny, but some wind chilly!
Here is where I ended up today, it was cold, but clear and sunny.

#447  Battenkill @ Rt 61 bridge, Shushan.

8 x 10

This was looking up my driveway when I left, it was before noon, and I was excited about the brightness.

I pulled over and stopped here, it was like "stop here now", even though the road from my house has beautiful scenery at every turn.

There is a "road" down to the water, but the van could not make it, like Eagle Bridge, Friday. I have been to this spot, a good swimming hole, and I've painted on the other side of the river and bridge, but not recently.

I wanted a view of the light on the side of the bridge, that place put my panel smack in the sun, I did it despite the impossibility of actually seeing what I was looking at, oh well!

It seems just as difficult to look into the sun as this is with the reflection off my panel, it felt like I was lost in this wilderness for most of the session.

The farther along I got the better of a grasp I had, indeed it was a great scene....

A lot of blah, greyish colors, punctuated by some pop colors.

I was able to "read" the values from an angle so despite the glare, I could in fact carry on.

I can't resist places like this could you? (unfortunately it was too cold to bring Ollie, he'd love to come with me, but I was outside for 1 hr, 40 minutes total, and he'd get cold)

This is the best photo of the painting I got today.

Here is my scene at the end of my session.

This is my 8 x 10 pallet, I did a small painting because I was hiking in and it was cold, but I ended up spending as much time as I would on a larger painting on any old day. My pallet fits into the panel carrier, so I use the same size pallet as the panel.

By the end of the session I'm cold, the wind chill factor is very real, and when my fingers start to tingle and my toes feel like they're going to go numb, then it's time to pack it in, but I was done anyway.


  1. The trees near the bridge make this spot special! You did great work despite of the cold! Of course, it is a bit too cold for dogs to stay as long outside. Nice pallet again BTW.

  2. Thanks Chani!, I keep finding new spots to add to the ones I've been to a number of times, I like that. In the summer Ollie would swim, chase a butterfly then find a shady spot to nap, so I feel bad saying the dreaded words "stay here".