Sunday, December 14, 2014

Battenkill @ Center Falls; more water over the dam.

32  F  cloudy.
Another cloudy day,  I went to look at a scene to paint for friends, (which I'm putting off for a sunny day), then went to look for a spot. I almost didn't even start, but I drove by this place and had to stop.

#450  Battenkill @ Center Falls

8 x 10

The clouds make everything middle tone, no bright lights no dark darks. so when I saw the reflection on the water, from the main road, I turned around.

 The sky is slightly different from the reflection, it had a touch more purple in it, just a touch!

I wanted to get these dark shapes in, but their drawing was a little troublesome, I don't like hard edges, but needed something....

I wanted at least a bit of the hill in the background....

It was a fight between the blacks of the dam and what surrounded them.

Here is where I ended up. I wasn't completely satisfied with the drawing of the dam, but changing it by fussing with it would not improve it, it would just look fussy, I was pleased with the light and the feel, which is more important than the sharpness of the drawing, I don't expect anyone to build a dam factory from this!

 Sight size shot.

Rt 29 between Greenwich and Salem is right behind the mill

I've been to this spot, a few times, today I couldn't drive down, it's a short hike, this is what I carry, too much paint, water and paint thinner to clean brushes, the panel carrier that hold the panel and the pallet.

This is a view of my spot while driving by on Rt. 29


  1. I particularly like the dam with its reflections on the water!

  2. Thanks Chani! when I saw that reflection it changed my mood completely, I've been to this place before, so I knew how to get down there.......