Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hoosic River, Schagticoke, with a minute of sun.

33 F  mostly cloudy
The panel is in the light so it's a bit washed out,

#445  Hoosic River, Schagticoke.

9 x 12

Early in the session the sun was out and the shadows were strong.

The tone was not too different that some of the middle ground....

I had to wing it with the sun going behind the clouds and staying there, I felt a bit guilty of this, but oh well, when in Rome....

 The bridge acts a a big "NO" sign through the landscape, ya?

This is where I ended up, I thought the sun was going to come out, it didn't, but it was a lovely morning anyway.

This is the scene when the sun was out, too bad it didn't stay out, because there are two paintings going on, and there was also some wind which changed the reflection....

The road splits a lake-like area of the river, so there's water on both sides of the road, and there is a falls, just down stream, I had painted that in September.

Sight-size shot.