Friday, December 19, 2014

Pook's with a video on measuring

30  F  mostly cloudy with bits blue sky later.
Here is the "Money Shot" from today.

#452 Battenkill @ Pook's

11 x 14

I went up to Shushan to visit a friend, Ollie came too, he has a dog friend, and we took a little hike.  We go right by Pook's and it looked good so I stopped.

Here are most of the darks, my tone is too warm.

Here is my u-tube video about measuring, I did it at this point in the painting, it was perfectly set up, so why not?

Sky, snow and reflection. all the colors are so not there that the scene lives in this narrow place where subtle changes have a lot of meaning, but there so quiet, it's like a whisper, while the play of light and dark are very loud.

By this time I had most of the panel in play. I don't understand why during the winter my paintings go fuzzy. For some reason I can't get any traction on edges, although there are some here.....

Here is where I ended up.  I can't say I'm pleased with it. the water wasn't a different enough in color to anything else and it doesn't even look like water, oh well there is always tomorrow.

Here is the scene, the clouds started to open up, and that was good.

This scene had the makings of a much better result, when I started the scene was totally over cast, maybe this sudden burst of color in the middle of the painting threw me off.