Saturday, December 13, 2014

Skellie Rd. @ the RR Crossing

32  F   cloudy.
A lonely grey day at the crossroads....

#449 Skellie Rd. @ the RR crossing.

12 x 16

The morning was beautiful, bright and sunny, and the last vestiges of clear sky left the scene after I stopped and set up, I almost bailed after about 1/2 hr. but I pushed on.

The tone was a little too warm, but not that bad. First whites.

 I had a tube of Gamblin "warm white"  I put some out, but it was too yellow. I did use a bit of it.

The white just above the horizon had the warm white in it, while the purple of the far hills has some (a smidgen) of alizerine crimson, and zinc white.

The sign went in at the last minute, I guess it's why, of all the miles of road, I stopped precisely at this spot.

Here is the scene.

Sight-size shot.

I'll stop the van near where I think I'll paint then walk around a bit to see where exactly I want to be, then move the van so I can work off the back of it, ingenious, or lazy?

Looking the other way, the barn group would make a nice scene too.

I was right under this nest, but nobody came or left while I was there.


  1. Great work, but I am already freezing looking at it! ;-)
    I have the impression to know this barn. Did you paint it in the summer or fall?

  2. I almost stopped to paint them before I got to the crossroad, the clouds seemed to flatten everything out, so maybe on a brighter day.