Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sunblind: Dunbar Rd. & (pre) Solstice bonfire!

25  F  Sunny!
Life seems to go to extremes,  we had sun today, and when it hit off the snow it was blinding.

#453 Dunbar Rd.

6 x 8

The last few days, more than a few, really, I couldn't see anything but grey, today everything was bright light or very dark.

I went out to this area because it was on the way to the beer store, and our party was tonight, I thought I'd paint the rolling hills here, but I had seen this hay wagon a number of times and thought it looked cool.

I'm almost out of panels, so I used this small one, but I only had a short time. It was cold, but sunny and I was standing on dry pavement.

This is the fire out back, tomorrow is solstice, and time to regroup the days and acknowledge that they are as short as the'll get and start to get longer. Time to reflect, (maybe hibernate?) and take stock of things past and things to come, indeed it has been quite a year!


  1. Good work. Yes, today is solstice, that reminds me that from tomorrow days will become a bit longer every day and spring will be coming!

    1. Thanks Chani, The longer days yes, are more welcome, but there's still a lot of winter (and I like winter!) Happy solstice!