Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wait's Hill from the other side: looking into the light. + a video

34  F  sunny
I've been eyeing this spot for some time, but the light had never been right, today it was.

Today's "Money Shot"

#444 Nolan Farm from Wait's Hill Rd.

11 x 14

Here is the link to my u-tube video:

I started around 11:00 A.M. and the sun was bright. I was looking into it, although it would move.

When the sun is bright like this, weird things happen, so I put the video on to chat about the weirdness, click on the link, its 2 min. 40 seconds long, and mostly comprehensible.

The contrast in this scene was fantastic, but hard to get a handle on.

When the reflections take over the rest of everything else becomes black, I didn't want it that severe, I wanted there to be some description of the middle tones.

I was able to get some of those middle tones in.

Here is where I ended up, not a lot of color, but there you have it, there isn't much out there.

Here is the scene at the start, as the sun moved the contrast between the reflections and the shadows mellowed a little, and it was a bit easier to see.

Sight-size shot.

The paintings are for sale,  please e-mail me @ mattchinian@gmail.com thanks!


  1. Great work with superb contrasts! Good that the snow has melted a bit and some sun is coming through.

  2. Love the sensitivity and the complexity, wonderful!

  3. Thanks Chani!, Thanks Cindy! sometimes I just find that place when the light is just right, and I got that yesterday, although the painting has a few "issues", and indeed it was a mild day!