Friday, December 5, 2014

Where the RR., River and road meet: Eagle Bridge.

32  F   cloudy
I found this spot on a hunch, it's under the State Route 67 bridge and Turnpike Rd.

#446  Owlkill @ St.Rte. 67.

11 x 14

I knew this place existed but didn't know how to get to it, and by the time I actually got there it had gone from sunny to cloudy.

Not much sky.

It's pretty messy at this point. I wish the tone was cooler.

There is a lot to simplify in a scene like this, even under the clouds I get some shadows under the bridge, and of course the light off the leaves on the hill looking under the bridge.

Moving along.....

Here is where I ended up. The clouds were actually pretty thin, so a lot of light filtered through, and I liked that.

Here is the scene, nice.

Sight-size shot.

This is the hiway bridge, cool.

I liked this too, but it had a lot less water in it, and in general too complicated. I'm liking the more intimate views these days.......

This is coming back up the "road" to the hiway. There were no signs, so I assume it's fair game.

It's hard to see, but there's a road going down to the river, I might have made it with the van, but I didn't want to risk it, the hike in was nice, anyway.


  1. Oh, a new bridge! I like the colors of this painting. It is a wonderful spot.

  2. Man, ya be the paintr of bridges, going to be bigger that than that paintr dude of light

  3. Thanks Chani and Joey! There are even more bridges I've yet to find!