Tuesday, January 6, 2015

16 F snowing; no wind: no problem! Duel Hollow Rd.

16  F  snow flurries, then none, calm.
It was snowing when I started, but no wind, and that made a huge difference, this spot could have been too exposed with the slightest of breeze, but the roofs with snow on them made for a good composition.

#461 Duel Hollow Rd.

9 x 12

Here is the scene at the beginning, it's snowing! the farthest hills are all but obliterated, and everything recedes with proportional snowiness.

I got a handle on the sky and the snowy hills after I put in the snow covered rooftops, the lightest elements in the painting.

The panel has a fairly dark tone and even though cooler that previous tones I've been using, it's still a bit warm, but maybe that's good.

I finally opened up a pair of hand warmers for my gloves and they worked great!, next time I'll go for them in my boots too!

Here is where I ended up, I was outside for about 1 1/4 hours which is the longest in this temperature. My feet were getting cold, (next time I'll splurge on foot warmers too!) but I think I was done, if not fussing too much with the white of the roof tops. I don't like fussing.

Here is the scene at the end, so much different, but I didn't feel compelled to change it: the sky with snow in it was there when I was there, and the dark places in the shadows of the barns were there too.

Sight size shot.

This is a favorite spot, and I chose it because I thought it would be safe even on a hill in the snow, a whole bunch of spots were out of the question today, the bigger roads were out. Still I stepped back when the plow came by.....

#232 Duel Hollow Rd.


12 x 16

This is from just about a year ago, it's the same farm from the other side, down the road 1/4 mile or so.


  1. A good spot in the winter: the red buildings give some color to the snow landscape. The painting from the other side is very nice to, I would not have recognized that it is the same place.
    Stay warm! I have just read that it would be even colder in the US during the next days. I often ask myself why we do not have a coat like dogs? I would make things much easier ;-)

    1. Thanks Chani, I'll often bemoan weather like that, not so much the snow, as the grey, but if I go around sometimes I can find someplace that can be worthwhile to subject. It is too cold for Ollie, (today -12 F) so I'll wait an hour or two until it warms up even to 0 F! to take him for a walk, even his fur coat isn't enough!!!!