Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A new view of an old subject: The Battenville Bridge

21  F  Sunny, calm.
I got a different angle on my favorite bridge, this time approaching it from the road.

The "Money Shot"

#471  County Rte. 61 @ Battenville

8 x 10

I probably needed a bigger panel, but like so many days I was pressed on both ends......

The sky was clear and blue.

There is some snow around, but also some bare spots and of course there is road.

The light was hitting the side of the bridge, but I knew I had to do it close to last.

The sweep of the guard rail is the most compelling single element and threatens to upstage.

The trick with a think like this bridge is not to get too fussy, yes the light has to be right, but the drawing of it shouldn't distract either.

Here is where I ended up. I wanted to keep the bridge in perspective, literally and with the right amount of detail.

The scene. I've never done a bridge from this angle. although it's a classic historical representation.

Sight-size shot. There was a little traffic, but it goes slow here because it's a one lane bridge, and traffic has to slow down or stop before going over. I was just outside of the white line, and used the guard rail as a table.

Not a bad spot. The light was on my panel, so there was a lot of glare. I was here for about an hour.

My pallet.

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