Saturday, January 31, 2015

Battenkill @ rte 61 bridge, Shushan

13  F  sunny, no wind
I'm heading out, it's cold, and the light is beautiful, with lots of fresh snow. So much of life is the quest: we think of time moving forward, but time doesn't move that's a construct. It plays to our imagination, and is not reality.

Today I wanted a water scene but wasn't sure exactly where.

I had a hunch for this site, it was 3:00 in the afternoon, I drove by, parked and hiked down here. I've painted here before, this fall, there wasn't snow. There were no other foot prints, just deer tracks.

It was worth it.

I didn't realize how quickly the scene would change, but I started with the brightest large mass.

Can you see the shadow of my camera in hand?

The scene has dramatic diagonals and I like that.

Before I could cover the panel, the sun moved and put everything in shadow.

#473  Battenkill @ rte 61 bridge, shushan.

11 x 12

Here is the sight-size shot, as you can see the scene so fundamentally changed, I couldn't go on.

My set up.

To do a hike in I have to be able to bring it in one carry.

The pallet.

The Money Shot

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