Saturday, January 17, 2015

By the lime quarry, Glens Falls, NY.

12  F  sunny, no wind.
Today I went to Glens Falls to take three paintings to a show, I like to stop and paint there, because of scenes like this. I know there not the most commercially viable subjects but I love them anyway.

#467 Shermantown Rd. Glens Falls.

9 x 12

It's hard to find a big clear view of these majestic industrial places, or it is for me, so I sniffed this one out.

The sky was cool with the smokestack making it's own cloud.

Not many colors.

There is not a dot on the painting.

Here is where I ended up.

Here is the sight-size shot. Even I was surprised at how little color was present, but little is more than none.

The scene toward the middle of a 1 1/4 hour session. by the end I had cloud cover and lost the drama, the brightness of the sun off the vapor....

The Pallet.

I love finding a remote location in an urban industrial zone, This ia on a berm with recently planted pines and the cement plant is to my back., Close by is the feeder canal trail, which I've painted along before, cool.

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