Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cobble Hill, looking west @ day's end.

21  F a little overcast
There was some sun and some overcast today, I got out late.

#464 Cobble Hill Rd.

8 x 10

I was looking into the sun, which I've done a lot and I like the drama of it, but it does pose some difficulties.

The sky would change a lot in the hour I was here.

White on white.

A lot of grey too.

As the sun went down the lights looked brighter, but what happens is that everything else gets darker and that's impossible to chase.

Here is where I ended up, I wasn't even cold, but the light had changed a lot and I couldn't chase that rabbit!

The scene.

The "Money Shot"  a little dark.

With such low light, especially toward the end of the hour, painting under the lift-gate was even darker so I moved the easel out to get more light on it.

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