Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hedges lake from the hill: a commission!

23  F  no wind, mostly sunny!
The "Money Shot" for today.

#466 view of Hedges Lake.

11 x 14

Friends asked me to do this scene, there are a lot of trees so getting an opening was the challenge.

The shadow on the the panel, but it didn't bother me that much.

The sky was a little hazy in the distance.

The delicate purples and tans are lovely from here and I was happy with them.

The transition between the middle range hills and the far mountain was giving me some problems as well as the mountain and sky.

I liked the idea of putting some of the trees in, truth to nature and all that but I'm not thrilled with this execution.

This is where I ended up.

Here is the scene, there weren't too many openings to actually see the view, I really should have brought a chain saw!

Sight-size shot.

This was a little scramble up a  steep snowy hill, and I haven't decided if I like it enough to present it to my friends, I'll do another one or two on different days, and see what i get.

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