Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oak Hill Rd,

24  F  a bit breezy, clear.
The "Money Shot" for today.

#470 Oak Hill Rd.

8 x 10

The day after my opening and I'm feeling a bit wiped out, I enjoy meeting people, and talking with old friends, but it takes it's toll, back in the field and I can re-group.

The light was beautiful today, it wasn't cold, but the breeze brings down the temperature, I found this spot, oriented in such a way that the van blocked the wind. This is often why it takes me so long to find a spot, there are often many factors to consider.

  With the breeze, I decided on an 8"x10" panel, much less of a sail to blow over, and I wasn't sure how long I'd last with the wind chill.

I put the yellow of the house in, but might have fussed it to death later.

Roads automatically lead you in, this one with the snow in the roadside ditch, had very strong lines all leading you in.

There is a graphic quality this...

I didn't feel I had a handle on this, I'm not sure why..... but this is where I finished after 1 1/2 hours, I was actually getting cold, I might have overworked it.....

My scene, I've done this farm from the other side, the large barn, so majestic, visible mostly from that side is down, and I couldn't face it today.

Sight-size shot, the panel has some glare on it.

My pallet.

A nice spot, the light stayed steady through the session, the shadows moved a bit.

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