Friday, January 30, 2015

Opening tomorrow night(Sat.1-31-15) with Harry Orlyk @ Pangaea!

This is Harry Orlyk installing one of his paintings @ Pangea.

I've got some paintings there too, and it is a huge thrill to be showing with him.

Pangaea 1 prospect St, N. Bennington Vt.  opens @ 5:00 everyday. Opening 5:00-8:00 Saturday 1-31-15, all invited!

Here is a link to his web-site:

The paintings in this show are not what he's known for,  which makes it even more special.

These will make sense to you when you see his landscapes.

Here is a link to his Facebook painter's page:

Here I'm hanging some paintings. There is a lot of things that go along with panting..........

I've know of Harry's work for some time, and it has been a source of inspiration for me.  It was less than 3 years ago that I "re-booted", (to use a term of the trade),  landscape painting into my life. I had some training in realist/academic methods when I was a teen ager but before I turned 20 I went in another direction, maybe in a lot of other directions. Earned a bunch of letters: B.A., M.F.A...  Then I stopped making art at all, I did carpentry, Then I realized I was still an artist, and the memory of painting landscapes started bubbling to the surface.  Harry was teaching workshops at Salem Art Works, so I put all these things together, and I signed up for one. Two months before I made an easel  and prepared some boards, got some paint and went out and painted.   I attended the workshop and something clicked,  I don't know how that worked but Harry's been a mentor for me ever since.  It's with great appreciation to be in the same show with a person and painter that I greatly admire.

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