Monday, January 5, 2015

Owlkill on a cold day.

21  F  blustery
Today's Money Shot.

#460  Owlkill @ Brownell Corners Rd.

It was cold, I worked fast, the light was beautiful!

6 x 8

I love this scene, the winding creek, the far hill, the reflection, but it being so cold I knew I wouldn't last long so I did this very small painting, really too small for what I wanted to do with it.

Warm white and cool/blue light.

Darks mostly purple (aren't they always/mostly?)

Here is where I finished, after just over 1/2 hour, not much time, certainly none to waste...

What do you put in first? what do you do to get the essentials, no details without the luxury of thinking?

Sight-size shot.

A nice spot, I thought it would be more protected, but when the wind kicks up.....

The train. I love this road, it crosses the river plain, flanked by hills.