Monday, January 5, 2015

Owlkill on a cold day.

21  F  blustery
Today's Money Shot.

#460  Owlkill @ Brownell Corners Rd.

It was cold, I worked fast, the light was beautiful!

6 x 8

I love this scene, the winding creek, the far hill, the reflection, but it being so cold I knew I wouldn't last long so I did this very small painting, really too small for what I wanted to do with it.

Warm white and cool/blue light.

Darks mostly purple (aren't they always/mostly?)

Here is where I finished, after just over 1/2 hour, not much time, certainly none to waste...

What do you put in first? what do you do to get the essentials, no details without the luxury of thinking?

Sight-size shot.

A nice spot, I thought it would be more protected, but when the wind kicks up.....

The train. I love this road, it crosses the river plain, flanked by hills.


  1. Nice spot! But it really looks so cold!

  2. Nicely documented! I like what you did with what can be a bleak landscape this time of year. I've never painted in weather this cold, bravo to you!

  3. Hi Chani and Janette, It was cold that day, at least with the wind chill. This place is near my house, and I painted here last winter, in the summer it's too overgrown to get anything of a scene out of it, that's another reason I like the winter, Thanks for the comments!