Friday, January 9, 2015

Rail Road Ave.The back streets of Cambridge, web work.

22  F  Sun and  Clouds and some wind.
The Money shot for today

#462  Off RR. Ave., Cambridge.

8 x 10

When I left to paint in the mid-afternoon, the sun was out with a few passing clouds, but there was some gusting winds. I thought I'd look for a protected place, maybe somewhere in the village.

When I came on this scene, the sun was out, but by the time I set up a cloud came by, it wasn't big and I knew the sun would be back.

I've been torn about painting in my village, thinking I should, but I end up in the countryside, with the wind and cold today it was a good choice. I'm now liking the back streets.

1 st. Snow and some shadows.


Snow shadows are they light or dark?

This is where I ended up, please excuse the photo, it was getting dark.....

Here is the scene with the late light, there is something I'm liking about the back lots, where you see the un-ceremonial sides of buildings and yo can get a glimpse of a far hill and some lot-line trees.

Sight-size shot.

This is looking the opposite way, it's the old Agway store.

The water tower is the coolest thing.

These  are great!

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