Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tabor Road in the sun and cold.

16  F  Sunny, a touch of wind.
The light was georgeous today!

#463 Tabor Rd.

9 x 12

 I can't loose a sunny day with snow, certainly not for 16 degrees...... it's all about the cold, so finding my spot, I'm thinking about a place out of the strongest winds, and I was lucky to park so the van blocked that wind.


This is the easiest way to measure.

This is how I locate items on the canvas.

I was surprised by how blue the snow shadow was, the light was yellow(ish).

Colors here were  squirrelly, that is to say they were a bunch of greys that  went from subtle purplish to ocreish to reddish, to greenish.

I wanted the road on the right to play a role in the composition, but the bright light off the farm house is the focal.

this is where I finished, in cold weather I've tended to let it get very fuzzy, can you blame me?

Here is the scene at the beginning, I stayed over an hour, which isn't bad for the temperature.

The pallet.

A lot of times I choose a spot because it's a good place to pull over, today was one of these days, but the scene was fantastic.  I've painted in this area many times, but not this exact scene.

Here is the sight-size shot, and the way I paint; looking at the scene and the panel next to each other, fixing my viewpoint so there the same size as I lay out and look at the scene.

You may have noticed the look of the blog is different, and is now where lands, I'm still figuring it out, so feel free to comment on it. I'll fill in the pages soon so it will be easier for me to put up more information and bla bla bla, but it will be in one place maybe with some organization!

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