Saturday, February 28, 2015

A bidding war, an inspiration, a closing and a pack up!

My day ended today at the Rotary auction. Here is my painting on the block.  I wasn't feeling very confident, there weren't many people  and the first few things got no bids. My first painting also got no bids, then this one had two bidders and went for above the "reserve" it was thrilling!

Here is the blog post from the day this was painted, almost one year ago:

Here were three paintings in the North Country Arts winter show in Glens Falls. There was a closing and at the end we can take away our work.

This is part of the "Battenkill Inspired" show right down the street from the show above. It's at the Folk Life Center in the Crandall Library and it's up until June 30.

I have three bridges over the kill.

My statement.

This post is going backwards, I started the day by taking down the Valley Artisans Market show, it's right down Main St. from me.

 I've gotten good at packing up shows, it's a necessity,

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