Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Barber Ave. Greenwich, how I compose and measure

19  F mostly clear, no wind.

Today I went to paint my favorite RR bridge (one of my favorites anyway) It's in Greenwich, next town over from Cambridge, and essentially on my same road.  The bridge spans the Battenkill.

#477 Barber Ave. Greenwich.


These next two photos show how I'll choose how much of the scene fits onto the panel.

Here I've got a lot of real estate.....

Here I have a lot less. All due to standing closer or further away.

Once I get close to the size I find the limits, I ended up using the tree just above my thumb as the left side (the right side of the panel would line up in the tree.

The next two photos show how I make my scene fit into an imaginary rectangle next to the panel.



If everything is in place, I find the places of events in the painting. The first few large shapes is usually all I need to measure. I can also line stuff up horizontally.


The tone really worked in my favor, I left some exposed. At this stage there is a lot of push and pull with lights and darks.

The Bridge.

Here is where I ended up!

The scene.

Sight-size shot.

My new boots!

My pallet, a few days running.

My old van.

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