Friday, February 6, 2015

Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.

16  F   mostly sunny, windy!
Today it was cold, mostly from the wind chill. I didn't make an hour.

#476 Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.

9 x 12

I knew I wanted open water, some of the spots I thought of are a little hike in, there is a lot of snow, so I'm looking for a place that I can park and paint.

Sky and some of the darks.

I really had no idea what I was doing here.

The hills this time of year have very delicate color and texture, and in parts you can see the snow on the ground.

The river is acting like a road in the composition.

Here is the scene.

Sight-size shot.

I was able to position the van to block the wind, still a cold day, and the paint felt stiffer than usual.

Today's pallet.

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