Monday, February 16, 2015

Fiddler on the roof & some news.

9  F  clear little wind.
For the lazy, the deep snow is difficult to trudge through, so I found this spot on the roof, there is an access door off a loft in the barn.

#478  Cambridge Creek from the barn roof.

8 x 10

I've been wanting to paint from a roof around here when I was up shoveling it I realized it would be a good time.

The light was strong today, but I got out toward the end of it, as this was the "warmest" part of today, maybe not 10 F.

The bright white remained elusive.

 The paint was really thick, like peanut butter, maybe frozen peanut butter.....

I'm really not sure what happened.

Here is where I ended up, not quite an hour outside. I think my gear is best suited for temps in the teens, because single digit temps really push it. It just felt cold today.

Sight-size shot. I couldn't get it out of this blue cast. nor could I get those brights nearly bright enough. I pretty much wrote the session off (and the painting) but when I brought it in I thought it had some redeemable qualities.....

My scene.

My pallet.

View of my shop.

You can hardly tell I'm on the roof!

So my news is that we're going to New Mexico for April vacation, basing ourselves at a friend's house in Albuquerque!  I'll be going with my family, but the'll accept that my focus will be to paint as much as I can, so if you're near, let me know!

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