Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hudson River, not complely frozen!

9  F light overcast, little breeze.
I went north today and found this spot on a back street of Fort Edward.

# 482  Hudson River from River Rd, Ft Edward.

I had wanted to visit the "Battenkill Inspired" show, at the Folk Life Center  in the Crandall  Library in Glens Falls, I've got work in the show but have yet to see it.  I stopped on the way, and painted but didn't have time to get to the show!

The sky was pretty grey and boring, except for the subtle change at  the horizon.

The snow was brighter than the sky.

the water is what brought me to this scene, it's mostly dark, but it also reflected some light off the sky.

I love seeing hills with snow then the trees on them, even being sick of snow and winter, this phenomenon, which occurs all over the place is thrilling.

There was a paper mill just to the left, and at first I thought I'd subject it, but it wasn't right.

The bridge was very delicate in this scene.

 Here is where I ended up.

My scene.

My pallet.

Sight-size shot.

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