Wednesday, February 18, 2015

N. Park St. tax relief!

26  F  some high clouds
I got my taxes done, and had some light after my appointment, so I went out.

#479  N. Park St.


I've wanted to paint this scene, although I thought a little closer might have worked better......

I thought I had taken a photo earlier.....

I rarely work in a vertical format, but it worked here, this is where I ended up. It wasn't that cold, but for some reason I felt cold, I spent a totalof 1 hour outside, with 50 minutes of that actually painting.

I liked this composition, although I left out the telephone pole in the foreground, it just worked,

I'm on a dead end spur off the main road, although there is some traffic on that road this one is pretty quiet, so often I'm picking spots because they're safe, it's not a bad way.

The pallet.  I found myself using a lot od whites and lots of darks, with not as much in the middle.

Sight-size shot.

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