Friday, February 20, 2015

RR Ave, here in the village.

8  F  clouds with sun. no wind.
It was another cold day, but the sun came out and there was no/little wind and it was above 0  F.

#480 RR Ave, Cambridge village.

11 x 14

Believe it or not it took me 1/2 hr. to find this exact spot. I wanted to have the water tower in the scene, but not dominate it too much.

Blues and some other whites.

There was a lot of smudgy-ness to this scene and I like smudgy-ness.

The snow in the middle ground is broken up by the lot-line and other trees, it's also both in sun and shade, so the color changed from warm to cool.

I'm always nervous when putting is "things" like the water tower they can go bad very easily, so sometimes I'll scratch in the idea of it, if I'm off, I can fix it easily.

I'm less weary about putting in he trees on top of things.

Here is where I ended up.

My scene, when I started the sun was behind the clouds, it came out, but I didn't get the foreground shadow/sun.

Sight size-shot.

I'm on RR Ave. the white barns are the old Agway, now vacant, behind that is Hubbard Hall.  I like a village location, but not Main St., too much traffic, it's also good that it's so cold, keeping the paparazzi away.

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