Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wallomsac River @ the Henry Bridge, Bennington, Vt.

15 F  overcast to sunny
I went over to Bennington to see a space to show in, it was fantastic, I'll announce when I have dates and a title.  I wandered, not far from there and found this scene.

#483 Walloomsac River @ Henry bridge, Bennington, Vt.


 Still so much white, I thought a little red on the bridge would do something.

It seemed as though as soon as I started, the sun came out, and my scene was washed in light.

A fight between the darks and the lights.

Here is where I finished.

My scene.

Sight-size shot.

My Pallet. (notice I'm not in the clean pallet club)

This is where I trudged in, they had less snow than home, which made it reasonable. The place looked like a park, with benches and picnic tables, but no signs, I thought it fair game.

The Henry Bridge.

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