Saturday, March 21, 2015

Battenkill @ Skellie Rd. The sun got me out.

42  F  sun to clouds,  calm to light breeze.
Along the river today, there was some sun when I started.

#494 Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.

12 x 16

I took some progress photos showing the scene next to it. Although I didn't get the size right in this photo, it is how the painting moves along, with the sky in, I can better see the other tones, and put in the next "most different" thing.

 Some snow.

By this time the clouds came as they did in the reflections off the water.

There is a constant pushing and pulling, mostly of values, but along the warm/cool axis as well. One tone will look different when the next is put down, but by the time I've got this much, I'm negotiating between the painting and the changes that have taken place in the scene.

The step from the photo above.

Here is where I finished, the trees and other "stuff" make a lot of difference, in that it provides contrasting elements to what I started with, and I like things to contrast, not only in value, but in the shape and paint quality.

Here is the scene at the start. I liked the blue in the water, and the smooth surface was lovely.

Sight size at the end of the session.

Some people start "clean" I like using the "dirt" on the pallet, it seems to tone down with just the right amount of muddy pigment.

In the summer, this place is like a jungle, all grown up with high grass, it's maybe 30 yards from the road.

I could probably take this on a bike.

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