Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Battenkill @ Shushan

42  F  mostly cloudy
I've got 2 days to get ready for New Mexico, as always I've procrastinated, a lot, so this is my last painting before I go

#499  Battenkill @ Shushan

9 x 12

This is not just a covered bridge, it's the Shushan covered bridge museum, and it's also a bridge to nowhere, the bridge behind it is a real bridge, you can see the pylons.

I decided to include the reflection of the covered bridge in the foreground, but nothing else, except for the cement pylons of the highway bridge, and it's reflection.

The blue tape is very distracting, I had toned this piece of prepared canvas and I don't like the texture of it, but I was running out of panels.....

I'm not sure how I feel about this,  I really dislike the trees on the right, and to an extent their reflection in the water, I like the reflection overall of the water.

I stopped here because I wasn't improving it, with the smoother surface, the paint seems to just sit there and get messy.

Here is the scene.

I wanted to jump over to this island but chickened out, it was only 2 feet, but there was snow and ice and it was on an embankment.........

My set up.

My pallet.

Most of the snow is gone, of course it's just a few minutes until April. This is the hill I scrambled down and up.

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