Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clarks Mills, trudge in grey on grey.

40  F  light overcast
I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted today, it wasn't this, but I had spent a lot of time to get to this spot, I just had to paint it.  I had wanted some contrasts, I was hoping for some open water and strong shadows, I found a lot of grey, but I changed my tune and made it work.

The "Money Shot"

#489  Battenkill @ Clarks Mill.


I've been around this bridge a number of times, and without foliage, makes it possible.


Sky and middle tones (they're  all middle tones)

There were a few dark tones.

Here is where I stopped.

Sight-size shot.

My spot.

This is where I "trudged in" mine were the only foot prints, do "normal" people do this?

I appreciate having this place and others to go paint.

My pallet, I was initially daunted by the lack of contrasts, but by embracing the subtle differences in greys, I think it worked out OK.

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