Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hoosic River @ Valley Falls, a blow over and a pay off: preparations.

31  F  sunny, no wind.
I'm preparing to go to New Mexico in April, less than 2 weeks so I made panels, but have lots more to do.

This was yesterday.

#496 Hoosic River @ Valley Falls.


12 x 16

This was Sunday  I went out early because the light looked good. but it was cold and windy, so windy I had to abandon ship.

#495  Meetinghouse Rd.


9 x 12 on prepared paper.

I didn't get to finish but thought there were some redeeming qualities.

I had to go to Schaghticoke yesterday and thought it would be a good place to explore a little more. It paid off.

I squint a lot when I compare the scene with my work, constantly checking one with the other, notice the light falling on the bridge and the shape of the shadow under the bridge, these will chnge quickly.

The light was shinning on my panel, maybe if I tilted it down a bit, I could control this.   One of the things I liked about the scene, was a patch of deep green in the water at the bottom of the picture, that and the bridge.

It's always so hard to see what you have at this point, I didn't like the flat planes in the pylons and my light was no longer there.

I used the scrub trees in the foreground to add depth and break up some of the shapes I didn't like.

Here is where I ended up.

My set up.

There is an old mill and an active electric generator, but nobody was around.

My pallet.

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