Friday, March 13, 2015

Pettys Rd. Ext. the far view.

36  F  hazy clouds, no wind.

I forgot to put the battery in the camera, and I didn't want to bother with my cell phone; such bad photos.  This was done in the early afternoon, in between errands.

#491  Pettys Rd. Extention.


oil on prepared paper.

    I wasn't focused today, with the warmer weather, my shop is once again a workable place, and all those  projects I've put off because it was too cold are now front and center.  I enjoy them all well enough, but I hate to have painting squeezed so tight, and keeping the paint flowing, and the skills sharp is crucial. So it's better to have just a few minutes than none at all and that's what today was about.

   This is a big view, the hills way in the back, looking like the lower part of the sky are way far in the distance, the fence post in front is pretty close.  Everything else falls somewhere in between. It's not my usual scene,  most of my work is more intimate, but I wanted this today and I'm not even sure why.

    I put these three in the North Country Art's show in Glens Falls, it opened tonight. Last night the Battenkill Inspired show opened across the street in the Folk life center at the Crandall Library.

Here is the link for that show, it's on a Facebook event page:

As always, thanks to you, my dear reader, this blog would be nothing, and for that I'm greatly indebted.

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