Monday, March 16, 2015

Scotch Hill Rd. my easel and a visit.

44  F  mostly cloudy
There was a little sun in the A.M. but it left early.

The "Money Shot"

#492  Scotch Hill Rd.



Still a lot of snow, but it's receding and it's getting dirty.

 Things got pretty grey.....

I might have muddied up my whites a bit, because I went over them a few times.

Here is where I stopped. I spent more time than I had in a while, with the warm temps. I actually had  lunch.

My Scene.

Sight-size shot.

My pallet.

It was a surprise to have an old friend drive by, stop and catch up for a few minutes, I mean who's around here? nobody but us locals. I guess!

My friend complemented me on my easel, here it is. The bungy cord is not optional.

Yes, I made it from some oak boards and hardware.

Tough and simple.

My dirty sign on my dirty van.

The west end of Scotch Hill Rd. @ Reafield Farm Rd. The view I painted was the golf course.

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