Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stage Rd. I missed the sun again!

22  F  mostly cloudy, no wind.
The "Money Shot" from today:

#487  Stage Rd.

8 x 10

It took me a while of driving around to come to this spot, like many places I've had on my list to paint. Today there was a little light on the mid-range hill/road, and a far view beyond that.

The snow along that section of road was the brightest light in the whole scene so I started with it.

Sky and far hills.

I'd have to keep the foreground snow darker than the midground snow.

I left the tone exposed in a number of places, I like that.

A few darks.

Here is where I ended up. It wasn't that cold, but without the sun, I felt chilled.

My scene.

Sight-size shot.

My pallet.......

There were a few other places I wanted to stop, but they were on main roads, and with the snow, it's harder to pull out of the way, so I liked this quiet dirt road.

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