Tuesday, March 3, 2015

State Route 67, near Vermont.

23  F  cloudy, no wind.
I wanted a truss bridge today......

#485 State Route 67 near Vermont


I tried to get out of the house before the clouds came but I was too late. Either way I knew I needed a metal railroad bridge.


Some snow.

The "tone" was close to some in the scene.

The composition was built right into this scene, I like that.

So little color.

This is where I ended up. At one point there was enough light to put some dimension on the snow.

My scene.

I usually try and stay off the State routes. the traffic just moves too fast, but this spot wasn't bad.

Much of the choice in deciding this spot was finding a good place for the van, not easy with so much snow around.

My Pallet.

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