Saturday, March 28, 2015

The big view of the Hoosic river, from River Rd. where is spring?

33 F  mostly cloudy
I've been by this place a few times and hadn't painted it, today was the day.

Today's Money  Shot

#497  Hoosic River from River Rd.

14 x 16

Once the leaves start to come back, scenes like this will be all but impossible, so I thought it good to get it now.

I did all the progress photos like this because I wanted to stress the idea that I'm looking at the scene and the painting together, constantly checking back and forth, sorry the panel is in the dark.

The first few tones are the most dramatic, by the time it gets to this place just about everything is in play. Here things are now a mess!

This is where I ended up, close to 2 hours, even with the raw, cloudy day that started with a dusting of snow.

I really never know what I have until way later(maybe never).

My favorite kind of road: dirt.

Here are 40 more panels. With the winter overlapping the spring nothing is drying: preparing for my family trip to New Mexico is taking it's sweet time.

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