Friday, April 24, 2015

Juniper Swamp Rd. @ Rich Rd. on Commemoration Day

40 F  windy cold.
Today is Armenian Martyrs day, 100 years, and it's been wall to wall in my house as well as the blogosphere, I'll be happy to get back to normal life next week.

Today's "Money Shot"

#512 Juniper Swamp Rd. @ Rich Rd. Shushan.


12 x 16

It was so grey today.

There was some green, but it was grey-green, everything was grey-something.

This was just before the wind blew my painting face down on the ground. I picked it up, picked off the rocks then went ahead and packed it in.

I've painted down this road, but never at this spot, as you can see it's nice.

Finished (as it's ever going to get)

The scene.

     So after 100 years, the genocide of my ancestors has not been resolved, it may never be.  I would think that the Turks would want to be done with it too and they can be if they face the past and themselves and admit the truth, it could be over with, or at least behind us.  I wonder if my Grandfather, at age 15, walking into the desert, his entire family left for dead, could ever have imagined the lives of his descendants?

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