Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Mexico: the pack-up.

Today was the best weather day in a very long time but no matter, I had to get my stuff together, here it is:

This is my new panel carrier, it holds 8 11x14 panels, I hope it makes it.

 I did a little alteration of an existing day panel carrier, it holds one plexiglass pallet, one panel and one board that I can use to tape pre-cut sheets of paper and primed linen. Those sheets are wrapped up in between two  boards (to the right)

the bigger carrier is made of 1/2 " O.S.B. and plywood and is pretty heavy, it should make it, the other is much flimsier, but I needed a day carrier.

 I'm taking more paint than I need. I won't necessarily drag it all around, but I don't want to run out.

I did this same thing for my trip to Germany, but we're going to Albuquerque.......(and also is my "leatherman")

This it the camera tripod that I rigged to hold a panel. I took it to Germany. It's a tough old metal tripod and is a bit heavy, it also holds the panel low, so I have to use my backpack seat, to get my eye lower, bad for the back, but it works.

The brushes are wrapped up in a pajama pant leg tied at the bottom in a knot. the strips of cloth are from old t-shirts, each has a few cuts along the side so I can rip small squares off in the field, I hate paper towels. Then an empty, clean lidded jar and a roll of blue tape.

Finally my backpack/seat, I got it at Dick's Sporting goods for $20. The last one I left in Germany.

A little bubble wrap.

So that's about everything, (missing are bungee cords)  It weighed in @ 42 lbs, my limit is 50 lbs. so I'll be able to stuff in a few more items....

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