Sunday, April 12, 2015

Petroglyph National Monument

70  F overcast
Much easier find today, I went directly to a National Park.

#507  Rinconada Canyon, Alb, NM.



It was overcast today, and although I didn't get the wow view I found a good scene on a trail not too far in to hike.


There was a nice progression from the foreground back to the far hills(Sandia Mts.)

Sight size of where I ended today.

The foreground was very fuzzy, with few contrasts or color changes, I squint a lot and try to get general larger areas, and rely on luck.

What I wanted and what I got are often two different things, although much of that is the emphasis I have in finding the scene, which is what got me into so much trouble yesterday, here was an easy scene to find and it's certaily different than my home.

Here is my spot, along the sandy path.

Tomorrow we start the journey home, it will take a while and no doubt put all this in perspective, I'm exhausted now so I'll reply to today's comments as soon as I can.  Thanks for coming  along on this trip with me!

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