Saturday, April 18, 2015

Scotts Lake Rd.

68  F  partly cloud, windy.
Today's Money Shot.  First painting back from my trip to New Mexico, why does it take so long to recover?

#508  Scotts Lake Rd.



The weather has been pretty nice around here, but I've had a stack of "other" work I had to do. When I was out driving the countryside I didn't have an exact idea for a scene, these barns made me stop.

The clouds moved along and alternately provided sun. (excuse the glare)

 I'm not sure what I was thinking about here, it's very abstract, maybe that's what attracted me to the scene.

The light off the roofs changed the most, but everything else changes by the minute too.

I often gravitate to a place because I want to hang there for a while, like today.

 You can see how different everything is when the sun is out.

Not bad.

The pallet.

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