Wednesday, April 8, 2015

View of Sandia Mt. from Alameda Blvd.

68  F  few clouds.
I hiked up to this spot this morning before the winds started.

#504 Sandia Mt. from Alameda Blvd.



I liked the mountain against the sky and the road.

The road gave me a little trouble, and still does.

The light got higher in the sky and became more of a nusence as the session progressed.

The division between the grass and the road is too severe and I had anticipated breaking it up a bit....

It didn't happen, or not enough, but over all not too bad.....

The scene.

Sight- size shot.

My spot.

My pallet.

I haven't included my other travel oddities; today they included a trip to the Georgia O'keefe Museum and gallery hopping in Santa Fe,  yesterday we went to the Pueblo Cultural  Center, and Monday we went to the hot springs and had mud baths, so Painting has been sandwiched in between a whole lot of awesome adventures!

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