Sunday, May 24, 2015

Battenkill @ S.R. 29, dog, family and fun!

84  F  sunny, some wind.
I went over to the river, it was good day to bring Ollie, on a hunch I parked at a pull off along State Route 29 between Greenwich and Salem, and hiked into this place.

#533 Battenkill @ S.R. 29


12 x 16

This pull off  is along S.R.29 between Battenville ans East Greenwich,  it follows the river, sometimes close, sometimes not so close.

There is essentially an island here when the river is high, today there were some muddy pools of water, but not hard to get around, although long pants would have been better.

We got to the river, there was a 10 foot embankment, I stayed up, Ollie went for a swim.

This was the scene I picked. I'm about 100 yards from the road and can hear the traffic. I'm also about 10 feet higher than the water.


The water was bluer than the sky, but just a bit and my tone was perfect, luck, I assure you.


Middle greens, very greyed out.

Moving along.....

Some things require more attention than others like the shore-line and the large tree mass,

The "Money Shot",  not so great,  but the sight-size shot was not presentable....

Most of the time Ollie finds a shady spot and sleeps.

My spot.

My pallet.

I alway love seeing this!

This is my "gallery" chaos prevails.....

This weekend held many activities, A memorial party for our old friend Art Hess, Emma's 16th birthday, and Hope's debut as a trumpeter in the Memorial day parade, with lots of visiting family, meals and a bon fire!

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