Friday, May 8, 2015

Conley Rd. and a green barn!

86  F  sunny.
I went up Conley Rd. today. I don't know why. When I saw this green barn, with the sun and shadow on it, it said "paint me".

#523 Conley Rd.


9 x 12

It was bright out today, in the early afternoon, and the light was on my panel.

I wanted to have the little ornamental tree in the foreground and a bit of the road in the mid ground (on the right).

The darkness of the shadow side of the barn, is in part created by the brightness of everything else.


There were a few flowering buds on the tree, they weren't very prominent and I didn't want to loose them.

the "Money Shot" for today.

My scene, yes that's Ollie!\

Conveniently the van provided shade for me, I can't deal with umbrellas, but this worked, so what's the fuss?

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