Thursday, May 14, 2015

Freaky lighting on the farm: Cambridge-Battenville Rd.

65  F  sunny, no wind.
The evening light is truly an awesome thing to behold, as light and shadow play over the land.

#528 Cambridge-Battenville Rd. @ Old Cambridge Rd.


14 x 16

The scene started out pretty intolerable, but judging the direction the sun would move, I figured it would change for the better.

I mixed up some white with a trace of cadmium lemon and put it down for the lower sky. the reflected light off the trees, made my white look yellow. It was a little freaky, being in this bright lemony yellow haze(and not even knowing it!)

My tone was pretty dark, maybe too dark for today.

I use the pallet knife to draw into the paint, it's convenient way to work, back and forth......

Here is where I ended up.

My scene at the start.

Nice spot, Ollie came, but was bored.

My pallet.

The "Money Shot" from today, what would freaky lighting produce, but a freaky photo.

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