Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paint out on Holmes Rd., Argyle.

70  F  mostly cloudy, a little wind.
I went up to North Argyle today to paint with friends, Susan Whiting hosted the event, she lives in the middle of farm country.

#529  Holmes Rd, Argyle


9 x 12

It took a while to settle on a spot, the day started pretty cloudy, so I chose a view that actually had some contrasts.

This tone is perfect, not too dark, although there is no color to speak of.....

The light stayed pretty consistent and that makes it easy

I try to get as much of the panel "in play" or covered as possible, because with something there I can go about the task of "correcting", that is looking back and forth. and changing things as they pop out as not right.

It's amazing how many other colors appear within the green, you just have to spend the time looking.

Today's "Money Shot".




It turned out to be a nice day, in a nice spot, and I enjoyed painting with and getting to know two terrific painters!

The pallet.

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