Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saratoga National Battlefield; mixing green.

84  F  clouds, thunder storms threaten.
The Saratoga National Historic Park had a plein-air day, so I got into the park for free.

#537 Saratoga National Battlefield



There is green everywhere, here too. so when I go about to put some green down, I'll mix up some and think to use it in a spot, here the middle hills,  I put it down (splotch in the middle) then compare it to what I'm looking at, I notice that it's not right, it's too bright, it has too much color, but I then notice that it might pass for the wall of trees in the foreground, so I put it there. When I go to mix middle hills, I grey down the green some more, being aware of the difference between it and the first mix.

 The wind was blowing so I had to spend some time holding down my easel, and didn't take a lot of photos.

This is at the end of the session, the wind was picking up and a few drops had started.

The "Money Shot"  for today.

My spot.

My pallet.

The Rt. 4 entrance.

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