Thursday, May 28, 2015

When you're hot you're hot, when you're not you're.....

68  F  mostly sunny
I went to gymnastics, and with the long days got to paint.

#536 Mohawk River @ Terminal Rd. Halfmoon, NY.



I needed a river and a bridge, and I found this spot.

When I started I put in the brightest spots.

It was convenient that the tone was close to the value and color of the bridge.

When the light came on the pier, I had to put the light in.

The light didn't stay for long, dos it ever?

Here is where I ended up.

The light the way  I liked it, but it was difficult to catch.

A nice spot, I even had a few visitors.

         Yesterday I went out and got a farm scene, I was very disappointed with it. In general I had been having an off couple of days: this happens. It's the reality of  painting everyday, It's the reality of living everyday. Some days will be better than others, and working the way I do where I paint and it happens, or it doesn't.

     So do you burn these?  do you hide them away? I've been keeping everything, I don't even like painting over them, too much texture going in the wrong direction.  I didn't blog it yesterday, not knowing what to say.sending out mixed messages to my readers, potential buyers might be bad.  I'm committed, though to being honest and transparent, and to show the good and the bad,and hopefully learn from all of them and paint better paintings.

So here it is:

#535 Juniper Swamp Rd.



The "Money Shot" from yesterday, it's certainly a beautiful place, and often shows the painting completed by the landscape, but when alone it falls flat.

I think the composition was the single most problematic element, with the barn grouping cutting the top from the bottom, maybe there is more than one painting here, so maybe I should cut it in two?

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