Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A trip to Albany: an installation and a river view.

71  F  some clouds.
I went to Albany to install paintings in an office, on my way back I found this place along the Hudson River just South of Watervliet.

#552  Hudson River @ Albany



 There are 12 paintings up until January, 2016. I just noticed they were crooked.

It's always time consuming to put up a show, I have to ponder how many snow paintings I can include.

The Community Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit, I'm not sure exactly how it works but I'm sure a lot of people will see them.

12 paintings in all, and they're for sale so if you're in Albany NY, the office is open regular business hours, M-F  9:00-5:00

It is located here, through the Stuyvesant Plaza parking lot.

After lunch and the hardware store, I sniffed my way down to the river, under Route 787 to a parking lot and the Mohawk Hudson Hike Bike trail. This was just off a footpath from the paved trail.

The water and sky would change a bit.

The bridge is the Route 378 bridge.

After a while I really didn't see the fence.

Here is where I ended up, I got some nice reflections off the far side of the river, although I lost some nice ripples in the foreground. It always feels weird to change up something in one part of the painting while another remains from an earlier view, such is life!

I bet you can barely see the fence, right?

Sight-size shot.

"Money Shot"

My Pallet.

This is the sign on the highway (rt,787), as seen from the trail.

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