Sunday, June 14, 2015

McCart Rd. teased by the cows.

70  F  clear.
I wasn't sure what I was looking for, maybe just a little water, I ended up in a blindingly bright spot, and could barely see my work.

#545  McCart Rd.



It was just before noon, the sun was bright and it was bouncing off my paint, what was I thinking?

I started with green, and ended with it too.

There were a few dark spots....

The bits of sky reflected off the stream carry a lot in contrast in the green.

The scene is overwhelmingly bright, but the camera doesn't show just how much light is bouncing off the panel.

I generally like my scenes back or side lit, but the quality of today's light on this scene was the story, with the green.

Today's "Money Shot"

At least I could hang out in the shade of my van, and Ollie, (not shown) was wading in the stream, and in the culvert under the road, where it was cool.

Here is the scene when we were visited by cows.

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