Thursday, June 18, 2015

My favorite bridge: Battenville.

71  Cloudy, a little breeze.

It was cloudy with a couple moments of sun, I went out and ended up here.

#548 Battenkill @ Battenville



There was some light passing through from the sky, to the bit of lawn to the reflection off the water.

The pinkishness of the tone was annoying.

I like the play between the bridge and what's behind it, always a challenge, but fun.

Here is where I ended up.

Here is the scene without a breeze. The water looks remarkably different than when there is a little wind.

Today's "Money Shot"

I was set up on the rocks, very inconvenient, I had to sit on my backpack/seat.

My pallet.

This time of the year gets crazy with activity, jobs, kid's stuff, more jobs......

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